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What happens to Glenn in The Walking Dead? Spoilers!

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Note: People are requesting another video like this for Clem, Kenny, Christa, Omid, Molly, and Vernon. This can't be done, as none of them appear in the comics(yet). Their fate after the game is unknown, until Season 2 of the game is released. Hey guys! I decided to do another video like the one I did for Lilly. This time, I'm following the story of Glenn. I cover the big events in the game and in the comic. Let me know what you think. Quick note: After the Lilly video I made, they made up a totally new Lilly in "The Road To Woodbury". I'm not gonna throw out the possibility that there are two asian characters near Atlanta that use scavenging for supplies as means to help a group, want girlfriends, drive that exact model of car, and wear New York Yankee caps. It's pretty clear that Telltale tried to weave characters into the Comic story like they did with Lilly, but the people in charge of The Walking Dead comics have their own agenda. I think that this is the Glenn from the comic, so I made the video with that theory in mind. Also, theres a small clip where my voice goes total Dr Roboto. No idea why, it's no different than any of the other clips I recorded. ?___? --- Subscribe: http://bit.ly/OVfOfy Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrkravin Any feedback is always welcome!

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