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SNL: I'm 50 Years Old

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[If the entire interview does not appear here, go to http://cblogs.posterous.com/71011-jim-penner-interviews-celebrity-chef-ri-81295 ]

Jim penner interview: "You're in for a treat...rick tramonto..was in afghanistan cooking ..for the troops..5 star restaurants incl "true" in chicago...incl tavern on green in nyc ..top celeb chef...daf went to prison when I was 16..didn't read my 1st book until I was 28 years old..your dad embezzling from unions..I became my dad's confidant..when feds came & seized our home..became very real..I grew up in traditional cath church ..thank schuller..hour of power ..when police came.we lost our home..mom never stopped watching the show ..only light I saw in my mom's eyes was thru u ..
Rhs: "Thank u..your gifts keep us on the air.." 

(Interview resumes, penner asking questions): "...your mom & dad fighting..drugs & alcohol...started at wendys..rochester ny...knocked on back door...asked me if I had a hs diploma ..I could b a liar or not..decided to tell truth.. told him abt my hard times ..he said "my name is dave thomas..." (the founder of wendys)..opening this franchise..he told me he had been an orphan...I understood food ..knew I had to work..could have done gas, construction..chose food.
...amazing the journey..even thru that journey..some co-workers..gave u acid..u saw demons chasing u ..tht felt like a change ..3-days..got to hospital..got thru it..made promises to god..at end of day..heard holy spirit..what's god promising u....tell others abt god's love ..

..u did radio show..at what point did u surrender..chicago..tavern nyc..back to chicago..opened up restaurants..extremely successful...was writing books..awards..but I was so depressed..was workaholic..driving to work..felt.."is this it?.." felt suicidal..negative..driving..heard pastor gregory --- on radio...story re martha...hearing abt god's love,,,,all things..I called in to work..first time ever called in..went and found life changers church"..sitting at the feet of Jesus..bought my first bible..spent 2 days pouring thru books..Sunday back to the church..been attending there ever since ..Rags to riches..yet amidst riches it wasn't enough

Went to afghanistan,served them.. .gumbo & bbq...comedians..afghanistan..what say to them..tat on arm "can do all things thru god.."had 5 mi