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Sara Jay

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These are my 11 tips for Fan Etiquette. It's just a bit of fun, I love my fans and hopefully this video will help fans of adult movies in general better unde Inspired by the work of comedic actor Charlie Chaplin, here's a little sketch I did demonstrating how "Twerking" was invented lol. Let me know what you think - The Ohio native, who got into the porn business more than a decade ago, discusses how her new career choice affected her marriage to Happy New Year all. This is me just having some fun on ChatRoulette lol! don't forget to Like, Comment & Fav. [@SaraJayXXX] WWW.DJQUOTETV.COM - WATCH MORE VIDEO SARA JAY SHOWIN LUV TO DJ QUOTE THE BEATMAKER AKK COLORADO'S BAD BOY.. WITH HIS PROMO SHORTS ON LADIES PLEASE I featured in this music video by Grafh, who has been kind enough to let me put it on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check out Grafh on YouTube & Twitter htt "Dissolved Girl" (Del Naja, Marshall, Vowles, Sara Jay, Schwartz) Vocals by Sara Jay. So a lot of people have been asking me "how did I start my career in the adult industry?" and here is my answer. don't forget to Like, Comment & Fav the vide Advice for females who want to remain clean and hygienic during their sexual encounters. UNPROFESSIONAL advice by me, Sara Jay. don't forget to Like, Comment

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Sara Jay