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Laura Gemser: Mythic

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[PLEASE READ] "Calypso" upstaged by a cub. A power video of goodwill and admiration. Select clips from two Italian films, both directed by Joe D'Amato: **ATOR L'INVINCIBILE (1982) aka ATOR THE FIGHTING EAGLE; etc. **QUEST FOR THE MIGHTY SWORD (ca 1990) aka ATOR III: THE HOBGOBLIN; etc. In the first film: Laura plays "Indun." Miles O'Keeffe is "Ator." In the second film: In her final credited screen appearance as an actress, Laura impersonates "Grimilde" AND also enjoys a screen credit for costume design(s)! Eric Allan Kramer is "Ator." I refer all viewers to my Channel Homepage for ESSENTIAL remarks regarding this penultimate Laura Gemser video (and all videos) appearing under the "afairwindtojava" banner on YouTube. Thank you. This video's music includes excerpts from compositions by Krzesimir Dębski, Maurice Jarre, and Metallica. IMPORTANT: Questions or comments in any language are sincerely welcome—but only if they are nice, clean, and comprehendible. If you are a professional and prefer that I delete this video, please contact me and it will promptly be done. Grazie mille!

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