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L'Insegnante Va In Collegio 1978 Full Movie Italiano (aka The Teacher Goes To College 1978)

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The teacher goes to college is a film "Sex Comedy Italian Style" of 1978 , directed by Mariano Laurenti . Plot To escape the kidnapping a rich industrial North, Richard Pozzoni Commendatore, he moved with his family in Martina Franca , where, although he lived disguised as a tramp, continues to attend her lover and tries at the same time, to seduce beautiful English teacher of his son Charles. The boy, who is really in love with her, he will be given priority. Finally, the Commander not only lose his wife, fled with his secretary and lover, you will choose a classmate of Charles, but will be seized in spite of all his precautions. Production The film was shot in Puglia . Almost completely in the historic center of Martina Franca : recognize the arch of St. Stephen, the churches of St. Martin and St. Michael the Archangel, Piazza Roma, by Saverio Mercadante, square and St. Anthony Hotel Semeraro (then Villa Ducale) . As for the various films of the same "trend", the Lyceum is the usual one on the seafront of Trani . Finally, a scene is set to Alberobello , and some of the surrounding forest Pianelle, in the territory of the towns of Martina Franca, nuts and Massafra . Cast and characters Edwige Fenech : Monica Sebastiani Renzo Montagnani : Riccardo Bozzoni Alvaro Vitali : Armandino Lino Banfi : Peppino Gianfranco D'Angelo : Teacher of gymnastics Leo Column : Carlo Bozzoni Dear Nikki : Vera Carlo Sposito : Prof. Morley Lucio Montanaro : classmate of Charles and Armandino Dino Emanuelli : The Dean Don Marcello Paola Pieracci : The wife of Richard Bozzoni Jacques Stany : The manager Graziella Polesinanti : Amelia Dante Cleri : Celestino Jimmy The Phenomenon : The sweeper

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