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Kivanc Tatlitug in "Aski-Memnu" ROMANTIC Scenes from Ep 38

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I made this video for Amal's mum...i dedicate it to her...God Amal, i hope your mother dosen't kill you for mentioning that she is CRAZY CRAZY over Kivanc "wave" hello Amal's mum^^ now i know who Amal takes after~__* I love these scenes....so many hot and great scenes to add...i honestly didn't know what video to make next? so i just decided to make up one from the hot scene's from the finale "ep 38" I love watching Kivanc and Beren... i think they look so hot together with great chemistry...i heard that Kivanc is officially single, i hope he and Beren Saat become boyfriend and girlfriend....an nooo i'm not jealous of who he ends up with...as long as he is happy^^

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