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Jerry Springer Uncensored: Hypnotizing Hotties

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What happens when you mix wild and crazy co-eds with hypnotism? The wildest most unbridled party you've ever seen! Get ready for all the unbelievable action on this month's Jerry Springer Uncensored: Hypnotizing Hotties. Jerry's brought some of the most beautiful ladies to his stage to be hypnotized. These sexy sweethearts shed all their inhibitions (and clothing) under the influence of our hypnotist. We'll also re-visit one crazy couple from last month that couldn't be held down to just one Pay-Per-View. Add in all the wild stripper action you've come to expect and you're in for one wild night! Order Jerry Springer Uncensored: Hypnotizing Hotties on Pay-Per-View and On Demand and make sure you're not getting sleepy... Copyright Line: © 2008 Universal TV Talk Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved

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