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The story within a story, of sorts, of a crazy film student (the main character of the film) who tried to make a downright weird and disgusting film and then dropped out. Months passed and nothing was done with the footage, and along came me. I felt like editing SOMETHING, and spoiling his warped story. A story about a guy in class who gets visited by a ghost, who then tells him of the future raping of the teacher's pet. After knowing, he runs out like a coward cuz...I dunno. He just does. But witohout further ado, I give you the crappy "Ghost-Rape", formerly titled "Wet" for unknown reasons. P.S. Production audio was very quite, so you might have to crank your speakers a bit about a minute in to hear what's going on. Also, I had to have this story quasi-explained to me before I could even begin to touch the footage, and from what I can tell, it's incomplete. Every shot that was taken has been used. I just posted this so that you could giggle along with me about some of the freaks that the 'Wood draws out.

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