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Feminization Hypnosis

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Feminization Hypnosis prepares you for your day as a beautiful bride, a cross-dressing bride, transvestite or even transgender bride totally feminized because of course you do want to be the most perfect female. You have soft smooth skin and your hair is flowing, long beautiful hair and your make-up is exceptional. Not forgetting your white lingerie, satin panties and bra with a matching white satin corset. White silk stockings adorn your legs with a lacy five welt at the top neatly held into place with the suspender attached to your corset. Every single detail in my descriptions are deliciously presented and eloquently delivered. With my feminization hypnosis you will be that perfect woman wearing her stunning wedding. With feminization hypnosis the whole body and mind is prepared for the ultimate bride. The bride has carefully chosen the stunning wedding dress with matching veil, tiara. http://www.hypnosis-feminization.com http://www.dress-me-up.co.uk

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