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Eric Hovind OFFICIALLY accepts atheism is true and accurate

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For those who don't get the title, Eric Hovind put up his copy of the video under the title of 'OFFICIAL'. What makes it official? Nothing, its simply Eric trying to score a little attention, and yeah, sure under the circumstances I have nothing against a little honest reciprocation. FYI Eric will get the attention he craves. Just as did Venomfangx, Nephillmfree, Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort and many others who have prominently featured in the 'Why do People Laugh at Creationists' series. He's going to have to wait his turn to become infamous though, as 38 and 39 are already works in progress. Eric Hovind, the Atheist, also does that 'ladies and gentlemen'- addressing the crowd- shockofgod type thing. Yup, when someone acts in that bad a faith, you really shouldn't be surprised to find out you are dealing with a Hovind.

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