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AMMT Aroma Medicine Reproduction Massage Uterus & Ovary Massage

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Method: Organ Enhancement Massage Subject: Female Reproduction Enhancement Massage Product used: 1. G3 Lymph Detox Massage Oil 2. G3 C20 Lymph Detox Massage Cream 3. G100 AI Lymph Detox Essential Oil Purpose: 1. to detoxify reproduction organs 2. to make uterus and ovary system younger 3. to improve sex drive and sexual ability 4. to prevent auto immune disorders and diseases such as PCOS, PMS, menopause discomforts, pelvic uinflammation, UTI, Vaginal discomfort... etc. 5. to combat tumor and cancer. Stress relief massage should be combined with organ massage. Standard procedure: 1. Firstly, massage centre & lower back for 15-20 mintues. This procedure will stimulate inner organs activity. 2. Then, massage inner side of both legs for 20-30 minutes. This is to increase energy levels and circulation of Kidney, liver, bladder, uterus and ovary. It also helps to repel water out of the lower body. 3. Massage kidney, uterus, ovary and lymph nodes/vessels around above organs. This procedure will take 45-60 mintues. Special instructions: 1. Total massage time is 60-120 minutes for Female Reproduction Enhancement Massage 2. 15-20 minutes of Breast Detox Massage is recommended when perform female reproduction massage because breast is related to the production of female hormones. Target organs: Uterus and ovary Secondary target organs: lymph notes and lymph vessels in lower abdomen; urinary system including kidney, bladder, ureter and urethra For details, contact CC Lin at cclin@aromamedicine.net or aromamedicine5@gmail.com

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