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Debora Short - .-.-.Harvest's Invitation

Eyes, sparkling and fully engaged
Witnessing both the food
And the product
Winds blowing cedars scent
Oh, those so many…

Baby DJ Hero 2011

Baby DJ Hero 2011

affordable baby care | low cost baby health and safety

worry free baby care, answers to all of my baby health and safety questions. When should I call the doctor during pregnancy, Have your own nurse on…

Sparkle Trailer


Frances Anne Kemble - Eastern Sunset

'Tis only the nightingale's warbled strain,
That floats through the evening sky:
With his note of love, he replies again,
To the

DJ Kitteh

Tampa Bay Ray's Own DJ Kitty

trump baby boomers and social security

trump baby boomers and social security
baby boomers slow down
anti aging
custom supplements
weight management
healthy snacks…

Frances Anne Kemble - An Entreaty

Once more, once more into the sunny fields
Oh, let me stray!
And drink the joy that young existence yields
On a bright, cloudless…

Billy Mays Dead at 50

Billy Mays was found dead by his wife, Deborah at their Tampa, FL home.

Fantastic Memento - Baby Hand and Feet Sculptures

Fantastic items to remember small hands and feet. http://www.kiddiecasts.com.au Baby Hand and Feet Sculptures

Anne Kingsmill Finch - The Appology

'Tis true I write and tell me by what Rule
I am alone forbid to play the fool
To follow through the Groves a wand'ring Muse

Ryan Malone Headshots Chris Campoli October 1 2011

Montreal and Tampa Bay

Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus, Blue Review

http://amzn.to/hVCNGi - The AC401 deluxe plus version will detect baby's slightest movements, even while she sleeps, and sound an alarm if no…

Frances Anne Doogan - Bread of Life/ Nutrition

What did our father, who up in heaven, give us this day as our food?
He made the genetic the genes of earth's clay and saw that it was very…

WeMerge Wednesdays Stage 84 - John Torres

Guitarist Songwriter John Torres performing at WeMerge Wednesdays at Stage 84 http://www.Stage84FL.com on February 9th, 2011. WeMerge...

Healthy Baby Boomer and Golf

While playing golf with Joe we had a couple of chocolate crunch and chocolate brownie snazzle snaxxsand and they were not power bars, but were kid’s…

Anne Brontë - Memory

Brightly the sun of summer shone,
Green fields and waving woods upon,
And soft winds wandered by;
Above, a sky of purest blue…

You Got Pucked 2.0

A couple of pranksters glued a hockey puck to a busy sidewalk in downtown Tampa, FL

DJ Tutorial with DJ Shiftee  - Pushing and Pulling (Dubspot)

www.dubspot.com to take DJ lessons. DJ Shiftee shows how to DJ using pushing and pulling. Shiftee breaks down the basics of learning to DJ and also…

Anne Leaver - Submission

Tonight the sizzle of twigs in the old stove
teases silence from shadows dancing in fire.
Upstairs cats wait on the landing for sleep dailymotion.com

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