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1940's Maytag Gyrator Wringer Washer

This is a 1940's Maytag J2L Wringer washer that I found about two years ago. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN GET THE CORRECT PUMP FOR THIS WASHER, LET ME…

Bias Bash: Liberal press say Biden gaffes make him 'real'

... but it would it would there' s a problem 11 way I think that is the mistake Republican it' s a horrible crime. regarding weren ..... on little…

1940s Hairstyles - 1940's Hairstyles 1940s Hair


1940's Hairstyles and how to achieve them. A new book about how to style 40's hair...Out Now

1935 Maytag Model 30 Wringer Washer

Doing a few loads of laundry in my restored 1935 Maytag Model 30 wringer washer. Shows operation of the wash action (agitation - or "gyrafoam action…

Fed’s Fisher: I don’t think it’s over for Scotland

... there to help me right that it did that' s kind of people stocks are so I can understand where they came from. I don't think it' s over by the…

Elegant War Time Era North Norfolk Railway 1940's Weekend

North Norfolk Railway staged a remarkable 1940's re-enactment along the famous Poppy Line Strip in Sheringham. The nostalgic steam train journey…

Maytag Wringer Washer Primer

A friend recently acquired a mid-1960s Maytag Wringer Washer, a model N2L P. This machine had been in a home in Vancouver's Point Grey neighbourhood…

What Scotland’s independence vote means for the pound

But I know. It was a does is it raining at which it' s not the Scots would say get You know comment you know given ..... That might be farfetched…

The Memphis Belles: 1940's Tribute Acts Wartime Show

The Memphis Belles are one of the UK’s most sought after swing tribute acts covering music from the 1940's and 1950's era. Stunning live vocals…

1940s Apex wringer washer

Here's the Apex in action.

U.S . oil creating problems for farmers?

... business. Just about forty years now. That' s all okay. But an extraordinary year that ..... than you've ever produced. But there' s a kind of a…

Cake Decorating in the 1940's

http://YummyArts4U.info Enjoy this clip from a 1940's filmstrip about women in bakeries. Ladies (and gentleman too) I know we can make some cakes…

Maytag E2L Wringer Washer washing

Here is a video of the machine with the HD camera.

Millennials missing out on many of life’s milestones?

... the millennial miss out on many of life' s milestones like buying a house. Getting ..... and Unger now Rick. You live in your mom' s basement and…

Classic Car Drive In's

http://www.oldridetrader.com - Free classic car classifieds. Buy, sell and trade hot rods, muscle, vintage, collector and exotic cars for sale…

Maytag E2LP Wringer Washer

1977 Maytag E2LP wringer washer in action, August 13 2011. This model, E2L (the "P" stands for pump option) was basically unchanged for its entire…

Power Play Off to the Races: Jim Oberweis for U.S . Senate

... right the last one was Abraham Lincoln it' s been so long that there been any Republicans in Illinois and the president' s from there. But…

S&B Filters: How To Clean Your S&B Filters

S&B Diesel Cold Air Intakes are great because of their easy to clean filters. S&B Created a Precision cleaning kit that insure that you wont…

Old Maytag Wringer Washer Demonstration

Quick overview of Maytag wringer washer operation, use and mechanics. Quirky and informative. See it live !

Website brings NY's top nightlife to your living room

... your mind well. Take a gander at this it' s called gander dot TV probably help him make ..... standard on TV I think I have an idea but it' s

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