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Discovery Health - 15 year old girl gets breast reduction

Here is a video from Discovery Health about a 15 year-old girl named Diana Cabrera who had a difficult life with her Tripple D breasts. She finally…

Happy and Healthy After Enormous Breast Reduction

Kerisha Mark was big busted. Not from surgery, but from a genetic abnormality. Now, she's found relief through surgery. INSIDE EDITION caught up with…

15 Year Old Breast Reduction

A girl who developed very quickly needs a reduction to boost her self confidence.



Teen Breast Reduction on TLC (Dr Randal Haworth, MD FACS)

(teen breast reduction)+(teen-breast-reduction)+(breast reduction) A detailed account of one teenager's story of her breast reduction. Though only…

Breast Reduction: A Life Changer

Dr. Steven Davis reveals this pain-reducing choice for big-busted women.

50-year-old Woman Undergoes Breast Reduction Surgery At KNH

Did you know that you could have plastic and reconstructive surgery in Kenya? A team of foreign surgeons drawn from Germany, South Africa and United…

Biggest Breast Reduction in America

Read the entire story and see more photos and videos on our blog: http://drfranklinrosemd.com/biggest-natural-breasts-texas-30lb-breast-reduction-dr…

Breast Reduction

Very Funny Interview about breast reduction

School Tells 13-year-old girl get a breast reduction to stop bullying.

A Missouri mother is outraged after her daughter's school district allegedly suggested the 13-year-old get a breast reduction to stop bullying…

Heidi Montag Gets Breast Reduction, Regrets F Implants

Heidi Montag suffered enough pain with her F implants to regret the procedure and undergo a breast reduction.

Missouri School Tells 13-Year-Old Student To Get Breast Reduction To Avoid Bullying!

"A north St. Louis County mother claims her 13-year-old daughter is being harassed because of her breast size and was floored by the response she got…

Giant 36NNN breasts force Texan Kerisha Mark to get breast reduction surgery

Kerisha Mark, a 40-year-old Texan, who sported natural size 36NNN breasts, had surgery in October to bring her boobs down to a more manageable, but…

15-Year-Old Girl From Florida Buys Her 2nd Home! ($19,000)

Shes has a goal to buy 10 homes by the age of 18....

Before and After Breast Lift Reduction

Watch a 34-year-old mother who undergoes breast reduction surgery with Josph T. Cruise, M.D. plastic surgeon from Fashion Island, Newport Beach. For…

Heidi Montag Had Breast Reduction

How could you forget when 'The Hills' star got all that work done? Most notably on her chest! Well, Heidi Montag has just surprised us again and…

15 Year Old Future Genius

Detecting Cancer like a boss!

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